Friday, June 1, 2012

HOWTO: Fix your 'With Mitt' App

 The fine folks at the Romney campaign 'patched' their flawed With Mitt iPhone App, but they did a pretty weak job of it.

It turns out they left the flawed images with the "A Better AMERCIA" in the application.  If you have a jail broken iPhone and can move around in Unix/Linux, getting access to their mistake again is trivial.

  1. Go get the application from iTunes.
  2. Login to your iPhone via SSH.
  3. Move to the the /User/Applications/ directory.
  4. Find the correct directory (I use the command "ls -ltr" to find the newest directory)
  5. Find the "With Mitt" App.  (The actual application is named ""
  6. Go to the /Users/Applications/43.....2D/ directory.
  7. Copy the flawed images over some that are still being used.  For mine I used:

cp RFP-A-Better-America-Black-320x416.png RFP-DayOne-JobOne-Black-320x416.png
cp RFP-A-Better-America-White-320x416.png RFP-DayOne-JobOne-White-320x416.png

    Voila!  We back to using Mitt's typo again.