Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama and the F-Bomb, Dance Remix Imminent

This is gonna be entertaining for those who can take a joke, and a gold mine of hate for those who can't.

President Obama created an audio book of Dreams for my Father. That book contains some 'colorful' language from one of his high school friends, Ray. Ray cursed and used plenty of racial slurs. Obama read them for the book, so... they are available for sampling.

It won't be long before the screaming starts. April Winchell blogged about this and included the clips.

How long until we hear these clips added to all kinds of fun stuff.

Update: I added the files



That Guy

My Number


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GigaPan Inauguration image glitches

 No Fair! He went to the Inauguration twice?!?

I'm just looking at the amazing GigaPan image created of the Inauguration. It is here.

There are a few minor stitching glitches. I'm really amazed at how few there are, considering there are 220 individual pictures stitched together.

Above is the best one I saw. Note the guy with the goatee.

Somebody left their legs behind too...