Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Google New Year Images 2009-2001










Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Creepy Thai smiley-face masks on police

This is just wrong... Why would they do this. Way too close to Brazil for me.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Water + Servers = BAD

Would you want this sprinkler pipe running over your new datacenter? Yeah, me neither.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Matt Dances

 I'm pretty sure everybody has seen this, but whatever... I stumbled on it today.
It made me happy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Van Wiggles or WiggNudo ?

If you've been anywhere near kids 8 or younger in a while you've been exposed to "The Wiggles". I don't know what it is, but kids go nuts for this stuff. Somehow "The Wiggles" have come up with the right combo of colors, music and dancing to mesmerize kids. It's like crystal meth for the toddler set. My 2 year old son wakes up at 6am every day, and he is jonesing for Wiggles. He will straight-up cry, tears and all, if you put anything else on the magic box. He's addicted, but all the cool kids are doing it, so that's OK, right?

So here's the real issue. One of the 4 guys that are "The Wiggles" is sick. Greg Page is the yellow Wiggle and serves as the lead single. His illness sounds pretty crappy. So he has decided to retire from the group, since he really can't do the touring and what not. It's just too much for him with the illness. Good for him, go out gracefully, keep your dignity.

"The Wiggles" decided that rather than end the band, they should replace Greg with another guy. Sam Moran is the guy they selected. He seems OK for the job. He can sing, dance, and (most importantly?) can wear a yellow shirt.

The real question here is can they pull this off? Can they pull a Van Halen style lead singer swap? Will it matter to the kids? If it works, can they repeat this as the other guys decide they no longer wanna play? Can they make this band last indefinitely, by pulling the Menudo style member replacement indefinitely.

I think they can.

Here in the US, the new episodes with Sam Moran just started airing. My 5 year old daughter immediately noticed the change and started asking questions. My 2 year old son, the addicted one (their target audience?) may have noticed, but he accepted the change with no problem at all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Super awesome air cleaner

We are doing major mods in our development data center. Of course we are keeping all the critcal services up. This beast has been a god-send. It cleans all the air in the room in 8 minutes. We just started work yesterday, and it has already saved tons of dust and stuff getting into our systems. Not a simple hook-up though. Requires 30A @ 230V. Doesn't come with a plug. It has to be hard wired.

Extended trust on the Internet

 This is a follow on to a piece written by Amy Senger over at
As Amy explored, trust is central to success in the collaborative environment. She makes the point that on the internet we don't get to look folks in the eye, hear the inflection in their voice or gauge their mannerisms. We have to base our trust on what they "say" and what they do. We examine, as best we can, what they have done in the past. And we are cautious to not get burned.

That is a start, but is that really good enough to establish real trust though? I think we intuitively and automatically create, for ourselves, 'chains of trust'. I trust Steve, Steve trusts Amy, I therefore am more likely to trust Amy. It’s why we think we should dates friends of friends in lieu or strangers. We prefer our chain of trust to blind luck.

Note that when I say trust, I mean that I trust that what Steve says and does are done in good faith. That he is truthful. And by extension, that Amy will be truthful. I don't necessarily trust Steve’s fashion sense or taste in music, but I do trust that he is being truthful about his thoughts and opinions.

We should also examine the difference between trust and security. Trust can be very powerful and can help use succeed, but it is no replacement for security. Trust can be broken and lost in an instant. Security, real security, doesn’t suffer the same failings as trust. But poorly implemented, it will stunt creativity and destroy collaboration.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving funk

 My dad died on Thanksgiving day, 1981. He was 43, I was 13. This time every year I'm forced to reflect on this fact and try and understand how it affected me and still shapes me today.

I truly enjoy Thanksgiving. I love seeing everyone and seeing all the kids play together. I love how excited they get. Even my almost 2 year old son seems to understand that something big is less than a month away. After the festivities, we pile the kids into the car, and everyone but me falls asleep on the hour plus drive home. It is that quiet time that always gets me. I have often, like this year, made it through the whole build up and excitement without even spending time thinking about my dad. But that quiet solitude of driving, always gives my mind just enough time to reflect on what this day means.

I'm the second son of a big strong athletic Dad. My older brother was the athlete. Tall and strong with good hair and good looks. I was the skinny, artsy, band geek, with thick glasses. I enjoyed playing outside, but never was good enough at any sport to get picked. My first season of soccer, I broke my leg (not playing soccer, of course) before our first game. The coach didn't see any reason to give me a team uniform, but my mom complained. The coach came back with a T-shirt with the team name, but it didn't look like the other kids' shirts. Their shirts were printed with a nice script of the team name and looked somewhat cool, for '77. Mine had the same words, but was made with those iconic '70s iron-on letters. It looked like what it was, an afterthought. It sat in my drawer at home, as a reminder of what a loser I was. I didn't play soccer much after that.

I was in the eighth grade when my dad died. I was the class Vice President. I had been class President in 5th through 7th grade. Not bad for a skinny geek, but that was all to change.

I had always enjoyed math and was in the eighth grade Algebra class. This was the advanced math class, You had to earn your way in, with good test scores and good grades. It seems after my dad died, I just couldn't 'get it'. My mind wouldn't wrap around the intangible theories of Algebra. I'm not sure the cause, but I lost my ability to focus enough on math, or anything else, to makes sense to the 'a + b = c' stuff. Looking back, I'm certain this was a byproduct of not wanting to focus on anything too hard. Of course, I did poorly in math and earned a D in the fall grading period. You can't have below a C and be in student government so I lost my post as class VP. Rules are rules, you know, and the math teacher was the head of the SGA so that chapter in my life closed. Looking back, I'm certain the teacher didn't mean me any harm, but at the time I hated him for it.

My dad grew up in Clarke County, Virginia, in a little town named Boyce. He was a total country kid. He hunted, camped, worked outdoors and worked at home in their small farm. Dad played high school football and started college on scholarship. He injured his back early in the first season and lost his free ticket. After that he spent time in the Army, then back to college while my Mom worked, then he worked for many years as a Boy Scout Executive. Essentially, he started troops, raised money, attended various Scouting events and raised more money. he was good at it, but it didn't pay well and he was often gone at night and on the weekends. I never really got a feel fr who he was, or what made him tick. I know he loved my mom and us kids. He did what he could to provide for us and protect us. He died hunting deer. He was supposed to go shopping with my mom, but she let him have to day to go hunt instead. His plans were last minute and he ended up hunting alone, which he had never done before. He had shot a ten point buck and was dragging it back to his car when he had a heart attack. He died there in the woods, all alone.

My grandfather, Jake, was a drunk. He was a classic old-school, whiskey drinking drunk. My dad had suffered Jake's drinking for years. My grandparents got divorced when my dad was in high school, most likely related to Jake's drinking. Dad always did double duty at the holidays to make sure we saw Jake and my grandmother, plus my mom's family. Around 1978, after a very bad trip to Jake's house, my dad finally told Jake that he would "not come see him, or bring us kids to see him until he got himself straight". Jake never sobered up. Dad passed away without resolving the problem with Jake. We kids never saw Jake again either. I never knew if visiting Jake would betray my Dad or not, but I wouldn't dare take that chance. When I was in college, I got a call from my mom that Jake had passed way. Of course, he had passed away weeks before we were informed and was already buried before any of my family knew. The act of intentionally not informing us seems cruel, but maybe it was just payback.

This time of year I feel lost, alone and 13, all over again.

This day is a reminder that I need to be a good father, each and every day, to my kids. I need to make sure they know me, know that they are important and that they are loved. I don't ever want them to not know that. I don't want to take that chance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Health Insurance - The Next Crisis

 John McCain claims to be a reformer. John McCain is actually a deregulator. He has claimed this many times. The problem is this:

We continue to have crisis after crisis following periods of deregulation.

Now John McCain is starting to pay attention to the Health Insurance industry. You know his answer will be... yep, that's right. Deregulation.

Given our history of crisis following the deregulation of industries, is this really a good idea?

WhenEventRoot CauseYou lost:
Late 1980sS & L CrisisDeregulationYour savings
Late 2000'sSubprime mortgage CrisisDeregulationYour house
SoonHealth Insurance CrisisDeregulationYour health insurance, or worse...

John McCain: The Fundamental Deregulator

Monday, October 6, 2008

This is how they mix at UNC.

From the Va Tech game on 9/20 at UNC. Lovely, huh?

Monday, September 15, 2008

So this is Honor ?

 From: Wisconsin State Journal: McCain's mailer creates controversy

The state elections agency is investigating complaints about a massive campaign mailing Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign has directed toward Wisconsin Democrats and other voters.

Each mailing includes at least one copy of the state application for an absentee ballot that has the address of a local clerk and a box for postage printed on the other side.

But in some cases, the incorrect clerk's address is printed on the application, leading some Democrats to wonder if the Arizona senator's campaign is deliberately trying to get them to apply for absentee ballots in places where they aren't eligible to vote.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This just makes me laugh

 This is just perfect...

image is from

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slash and Burn - Palin's FY08 Budget for Alaska

Take a look at the FY08 Alaska state budget, as enacted. It got all chopped up. Really amazing. Maybe this is a good thing, but the cuts are surprising. The first cut completely drops funding for the 'AARP Ketchikan - Access Road for Ketchikan Senior Housing Project', from $100,00 to $0.00

So.. there is a Senior Center, but no access road?

That just seems cruel.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin OUT by End of Week - My best guess

This is just a guess, but it is certainly plausible...

The Palin nomination is a total gimmick and won't last until Friday.

It is intended to gain news attention, create a brilliant flash, and then go away. McCain has no intention of keeping Palin on the ticket. This is just for show. Sure, it may show a lack of judgment, but time will heal that. Don't you know? McCain is a Maverick...

The second choice will show much better judgment.

After all, McCain himself didn't actually vet Palin. He only met her once or twice. Some staffer, you know, the real slacker, screwed it up.

McCain will accept Palin's heart felt apology and her 'Thanks but no Thanks' letter later this week.

The pundits will all point out the heartless bloggers and internet a--holes for pointing out her lack of experience and all the 'other problems' she has. They will be throughly beat-up for pointing out the pregnancy issues. How dare they talk about that? Jerks...

Then McCain will choose someone else. Like his actual first choice, Joe Lieberman. It will be a classic bait and switch, just like Bush did with Harriet Miers and Sam Alito.

And the sick thing? It just might work.

McCain will also get credit from the PUMA whack jobs, who will feel that McCain tried to select a woman, but the 'misogynistic' DNC just couldn't let that happen. And everyone will be too tired to even notice when McCain selects an equally terrible VP candidate...

But, this is just my guess.

Reference to history:
From wikipedia on the Miers/Alito bait switch.:
On July 1, 2005, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement from the Supreme Court effective upon the confirmation of a successor. President George W. Bush first nominated John Roberts to the vacancy; however, when Chief Justice William Rehnquist died on September 3, Bush withdrew Roberts' nomination to fill O'Connor's seat and instead nominated Roberts to the Chief Justiceship. On October 3, President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace O'Connor. However, Miers withdrew her acceptance of the nomination on October 27 after encountering widespread opposition.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tina Fay is gonna have a field day

Wow! Can't wait to catch her guest host SNL.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Tax Plan Info

A user on Digg posted this info in a comment. It's not 'Official Campaign' language, just one reader's summary of the Obama Tax plan. I really liked that she had put it all together. Other folks thought it would be nice to have a version to hand out.

I created one. I made it to be printed double sided, with a graphic from the on the back. Maybe you will find it helpful. Let me know if you like it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain likes ABBA ?!? WTF, tough guy?

 This strikes me as odd.
Blender did a story on the candidates and their Top 10 songs.
Obama had a pretty normal looking list, with some more recent stuff. Not bad for a guy 47 years old. Kinda weird he included Yes We Can by, but I like that one too.

But McCain listed Dancing Queen by ABBA as number 1?
Say What?
And he listed Take a Chance On Me by ABBA as number 3.
Really ?

Where's Barbara Anne by the Beach Boys?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why can't McCain vote?

 I didn't realize this. I stumbled on it the other day. McCain has not cast a vote in the Senate since April 8th. In fact, he is #1 on missing votes right now. That is simply amazing to me. Why are we paying him? How can he bitch about Congress going on vacation when he has BEEN on VACATION since April? I know the haters are gonna point out that Obama has missed plenty of votes also, and I would agree, but if you look deeper it looks different. Since Jan 07 McCain has voted 231 times on 58 days, and missed 399 votes. Obama has voted 348 times on 96 days, and missed 282 votes. My math says: Obama has cast 117 more votes on 38 more days. Where is John on this? Well, at least he is a better Senator than student... Mr. 894 of 899

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kevin Rose now sporting an Obama sticker

In the latest Diggnation (#160) Kevin Rose is sporting a new Obama sticker on his MacBook Pro. He has added a few new stickers in the past few weeks, including Pownce, Revision3, & Digg.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make a statement

I am so sick of being addressed as "My Friends".
Hey Nimrod,
you are not one of "My Friends".
No Sir,

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kevin Rose puts his money behind Barack

 This is interesting...
Kevin Rose has contributed some cash to the Barack Obama campaign.

It's not so much that it makes us average (non-Internet Superstar) folks feel jealous or inadequate, but it is enough to encourage the rest of us to put-up or shut-up.

Pretty cool to see a guy with ideals and ideas put some cash into the process.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So... Obama is to blame?

 I just saw another McCain campaign lie on TV last night.
Amazing logic in this one.

According to this latest commercial, McSame claims that Obama is to blame for high gas prices.

I'm sorry,

So Obama hasn't 'done anything important' in Washington, but HE is responsible for high gas prices.

That seems odd, considering the abundance of oilmen in the White House these days.

How in hell does McSame get away with this crap?

This video has the real Straight Talk.
Straight from McSame.

Football(soccer) hooliganism hits the US

 A half-time brawl between fans of West Ham and a local team during a "friendly" game in Ohio has provided Americans with a taste of British football hooliganism.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Talk about B.S.

 This guy is full of CRAP.

Now I feel sorry for the folks who live in South Carolina.

actually just the folks who didn't vote for this moron.

No Thanks,

Using 9/11 images for politcal gain, or worse?

 I think we've all seen enough abuse of the images from the September 11th attacks. From the Bush campaign of 2004, to the Giuliani primary campaign, to the numerous companies cashing in on the rise in patriotism after the attacks. Now some imbecile in Florida is using a huge billboard with a picture of the burning towers to

1) urge that viewers "Don't Vote for a Democrat"
2) buy his crappy CD.

This is a good article on it. Yeah, whatever, you A55hat.

To blame the democrats for the 9/11 attacks is reprehensible, but to try and sell your god-awful 'music' based on the death of thousands is just despicable.

Yeah, Nonefor.Me

Friday, July 18, 2008

None For .Me

 A place for me to post some thoughts...