Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Twitter 'going after' Google? Doubtful

 This article seems to propose that Twitter is 'going after' Google's search empire.


That seems a bit grandiose to me.

Given that the RT (Retweet) and @user (directed messaging) functions were created by twitter users, on their own, I seriously doubt the intentionality of this direction.

More like 'going that way, based on how folks are using it'.

I will agree that Twitter is great when used as a search engine for breaking news and opinions, but to say this was in the long term plans and happening completely as expected would be a stretch.

Realistically, I think Twitter will get consumed by Google in the very near future.
Google will extract all the info out of Twitter and present it as a live feed on the right hand side, perhaps even show a scrolling feed of live tweets.
Kind of a 'human based information stream'.

I know for sure that when the N Korean missile went up this weekend, I heard about it first on Twitter, then continued to look at Twitter to see what was being reported, following news links as they came in.