Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm calling BS on this. | Federal Times biased?

 According to Federal Times:
"Federal employees are being increasingly concentrated into higher  paygrades without taking on greater responsibility, according to a  Federal Times analysis of government data."

Is this just sloppy work or a bias?

How, exactly, does Federal Times know that employees aren't taking on greater responsibility, unless they interviewed the employees?
They clearly haven't and state the same at the end of the article.

They talked to senior management? Because they are so aware of what is happening at the ground level?

What I see are GS staff doing more and more, as their co-workers have retired or left for better opportunities.  The climate is so bad now (no pay raises for 2 years, no support, no help, no new staff filling critical roles) that many are fleeing the federal ranks and most would not consider entering the federal workforce.

You can't fix the problem of the federal workforce by blaming the staff.

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