Friday, May 20, 2011

Wait. I paid for this?

We have some in congress proposing drastic cuts or elimination of citizen services, and yet this type of BS 'training' is still being funded... Why?

TSA to train its federal security directors on 'ropes course' and more

During the planned two-day sessions at the ropes course, federal security directors will "walk tight-ropes; negotiate obstacles, climb, and pass teammates through an arrangement that involves physical and problem-solving challenges with low physical risk," explains a solicitation released by TSA on May 18. "Participants gradually expand their comfort zones (sometimes dramatically) and recognize fears that may block personal and professional achievement. Each challenge draws upon team members to actively support each other."
The Academy will also include two-day "Experiential Learning" sessions, which encourage the FSDs to engage in various roles that involve risk-taking, leadership, problem-solving and coaching, says the solicitation. "They shall be tailored to the specific challenges FSDs face in airport operations and hub-spoke relationships," says the document.  
The small business vendor's site must be located within 20 miles of TSA headquarters in Arlington. Similarly, the ropes course and experiential learning site must be located within 20 miles of the contractor's location. TSA also plans to take the FSDs on field trips to the Air and Space Museum, in Washington, DC; TSA headquarters in Arlington; and the Freedom Center, near Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

Where is the phone number for the Waste Fraud and Abuse hotline?
Oh, here it is: 1-800-323-8603.

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