Monday, February 14, 2011

HIMSS11 printable floorplan -

 I am attending #HIMSS11 this year, and I have been looking at the size of the show floor. My task at the show is to talk to nearly everyone on the exhibit floor.  So yeah, I need a map and a plan.

The Expo floor is massive.  Really massive.  I have been to the RSA Conference 3 times and it while that show is big, it is tiny compared to HIMSS11.

I attempted to print the floor plan from the conference website (pdf), but even spanned across 15 pages (11x17 paper in a 3x5 grid), I couldn't read the names on the small booths.

So I decided to crop down the floor plan to just the bare essentials (I don't really need the location of the dumpsters) and was able to make a usable printed map.  I ended up with 8 11x17 pages that I had to tape together, but at least I can read it...

Give it a shot.  (Please leave me a comment if this is helpful to you.)

Here is the cropped floor plan.

You will need a printer that can print 11x17.
Make sure and set your paper size to 11x17.

You should also set the 'Page Handling' Like this:

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