Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple media event Today -

Best prediction from the TUAW comments:

macfan406 said

Alright Here's the Rundown:
  • Jobs walks on stage
  • Talks about amazing iPad and iPhone 4 success
  • Announces they have ramped production of both
  • Three Things for today. iLife, iOS (and iPods), and AppleTV
  • Announces iLife '11.
  • Garageband gets revamped
  • "Mystery application" an iOS app builder like Android's App Inventor. "App Innovator"
  •  iLife goes on sale today for $79
  • iOS 4 devices can download iLife for iOS as a suite for $40 or apps for $10 (iMovie, Garageband, iWeb, and iPhoto)
  • iOS: iPad gets iOS 4 friday. Expose runs the multi-tasking show here, and you can run Retina Display apps without pixel doubling
  • "iPod touch is a great device, but we decided to redesign it all"
  • Announces new iPod touch (almost indistinguishable from iP4)
  • Front Facetime cam as well as 5MP Camera in the rear with LED Flash
  • still 8.5mm
  • Retina Display, A4, FM/HD Radio with Tagging.
  •  3G model using the same pricing scheme as iPad
  • Capacity up to 128GB. 32GB starts $199, Add $130 for 3G
  • All models get compass and GPS
  • Ships in a week
  • Nano gets still camera, WiFi for Video and Photo uploads
  • Classic gets no moving parts.
  • Shuffle utilitzes rumored 1.3" screen
  • iPhone gets an antenna fix. White iPhone ships at the end of the month
  • AppleTV--> iTV
  • 16GB $99, 32GB $199
  • Runs iOS and can access the App Store.
  • One More Thing:
  • Streaming from your Library: Free
  • Stream from the store: $9.99/month
  • Early 2011.
  • Any iOS device. Any Mac/PC Web browser can get to it.
  • (Insert special guest artist here..)

There you have it. A Full rundown of next Wednesday. Enjoy and continue to speculate!

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