Monday, July 21, 2008

Using 9/11 images for politcal gain, or worse?

 I think we've all seen enough abuse of the images from the September 11th attacks. From the Bush campaign of 2004, to the Giuliani primary campaign, to the numerous companies cashing in on the rise in patriotism after the attacks. Now some imbecile in Florida is using a huge billboard with a picture of the burning towers to

1) urge that viewers "Don't Vote for a Democrat"
2) buy his crappy CD.

This is a good article on it. Yeah, whatever, you A55hat.

To blame the democrats for the 9/11 attacks is reprehensible, but to try and sell your god-awful 'music' based on the death of thousands is just despicable.

Yeah, Nonefor.Me

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